The Cape of Good Hope

While it possibly really ought to be shown up for the 1963 throwback that it is, especially by the BMW i8, there’s still something bewitchingly brilliant about Porsche’s wrong engined masterpiece. The current 991 generation has a little more practical space inside, and is rather more refined than before, but it can still hit you with a Mike Tyson performance punch. Our favourite is the Carrera 4S with power kit, which gives you a naturally aspirated 3.8 litre engine with a whopping 450hp.

The Cape of Good Hope: Of course, the best for last. How to explain the Cape? It’s part Hotel California, part family diner off the interstate, part Bagdad Cafe from the German movie, and part secret society. My friends and I were drawn to it walking home one night if only out of confusion: fluorescent light streamed out of it like from a Kmart, and there was a small level of flats above it with tattered curtains.

Also, remember that Google is your friend; try doing a search for quotes to use in your card. Just remember to add your own personal message too! You can search for design ideas if you’re lacking in the creativity department. There are also a vast array of printable card making sites out there, which will allow you to upload your photo to the site, customize the card and print if off..

HARTFORD, CT „This is a holiday gift that few consumers could have imagined when gasoline was nearly $4 a gallon,” said AAA spokesperson Amy Parmenter. „And given the record number of travelers about to hit the road, the timing could not be better.”AAA projected the number of year end holiday travelers to top 100 million for the first time on record. Roughly 4.4 million of those people will be New Englanders.

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