Terre Haute has never

„At home we know we have a town better than a majority of cities. The conditions in other cities simply are not exposed. But Terre Haute has never lived down its reputation made during the former administration [of Mayor Steeg], when murders were weekly occurrences in saloons, gambling was permitted on the streets, robberies and hold ups in the west end were reported nightly and vice was to be found on every hand.

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BY FORMER HAWAII LT GOVERNOR DUKE AIONA Lauren Kealohilani Cheape is another young leader that wholesale mlb jerseys I am very excited about. She has boldly stepped forward to run as a candidate for the State House of Representatives of the newly created District 45 (Mililani/Schofield/Wheeler/Wailua/Mokuleia). Lauren possesses all of the essential qualities, skills, and knowledge to be an excellent representative and therefore, I am asking you to join me in supporting her campaign for District 45.