Not that the Journal does

Not that the Journal does a bad job it does a good job of covering City Council meetings where all of Auburn laundry is aired in public, and a good job of covering Board of Supervisors meetings where North Auburn issues are so insignificant to the County that they rarely make the agenda at all. And that the problem. North Auburn is just Placer County cash cow, and nothing more..

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All over Europe, self service launderettes provide machines with clear English instructions, a relaxing place to unwind, and a very local experience. At most places it takes about an hour and $10 to wash and dry an average size load. Use the time to picnic, journal, correspond with people at home (many launderettes have Wi Fi), or chat with other customers.

A while back, I posted advice from guest blogger Anita Dukeman about what cookware you really need. Her advice: buy cookware made in the United States or Europe. I’ve been putting off this purchase until about a month ago, when one of my pot lids completely came apart in the dishwasher.

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