I love going to the movies

I love going to the movies, sporting events and concerts. I often buy tickets as gifts for family and friends. The private equity industry is no exception, and our survey points to an awareness of the industry need to re examine itself, even if it has not yet reached any definite conclusions as a result of that process. Consolidation of private equity firms is clearly one expected consequence of the crisis, but industry executives are just as clear that financing models will have to change appreciably.

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Orconsider another Trump sound alike: Ross Perot. Running as an independent, the Texas businessman was never on the ballot for one of New Hampshire’s fabled first in the nation primaries. McDonald’s has changed more in the last 18 months than it has in decades, making efforts to simplify and clean up its food, introducing all day breakfast, and announcing a new corporate headquarters. Almost as soon as McDonald’s tapped Steve Easterbrook as its new CEO, in March 2015, the struggling.