George Clooney and Lance

Galbi refers to marinated then grilled short ribs, which sit proudly in one of the big rectangles of my bento box. The others are filled with sticky white rice, a variety of lightly dressed pickled items and a couple potstickers. The ribs are small, little paddles of meat striped with fat and stuck to a creamy bone the size of a nickel.

Fall also means boots, apparently no matter how balmy. I saw people wearing boots in Hampton Roads as early as late August. (I can’t wrap my head around that, considering how hot it was.) And just the other day, on a balmy afternoon in Tampa Bay, CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien, wearing black suede knee high boots and black opaque tights, spoke to a group of journalists.

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Its because the rents have doubled/tripled sending once functional citizens to move out or become homeless. Seniors/ disabled/students/ and low income earners have been pushed out of the way for big cash grabs by landlords and developers. No cheap housing so desperate people take desperate measures.

Bidding got competitive over six empty lots at Gozzer Ranch and Lake Club in Harrison. Before the wholesae nfl jerseys real estate market tanked, the multi million dollar development was attracting the likes of George Clooney and Lance Armstrong. Back then lots were being offered for more than $800,000.

Can history help us out on this? Well, yes and no. The first forms of government, around the wholesale nfl jerseys entire world across history, were tribal; and there is a tendency to romanticize those tribal systems as models of fair governance developed by the „the noble savage,” who was better and more peaceful than cheap nfl jerseys we are today. Anthropologists, however, no longer paint tribal societies as little Gardens of Eden, so the tribal model won’t be much help.