As adults trained to shape the thinking of youngsters

Pauls, editor of Do Something Magazine, which serves youth in communities like Wetaskiwin, Leduc and Calmar, is collecting donated gowns (suits as well, though they been harder to come by), which she intends to rent out for $50 $60. The fees are just enough to cover Pauls dry cleaning and travel costs.

As adults trained to shape the thinking of youngsters, they went a step further and misused their skills not to help children learn to make decisions, but to organize children to be instruments of the teachers’ political rage. They even went so far as to advise students to leave school and disrupt traffic.

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The government has now effectively cut off anyone whom would be able to cheaply medicate themselves from growing their own without the need for a doctors certification or spending money on product. How many patients is the government aware of that can afford prescriptions? How cheap is it to just grow your own medicine in enough quantity consistently to never have to substitute again? Never be out of your medicine again? Not only won?t the doctors sign off on a system that has become much easier to utilize with less paperwork and red tape but now the producers are not large or numerous enough to provide product for the system and substitutions are frequently being made.

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